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Another method of resolving the disputes outside the court’s jurisdiction is arbitration. Arbitration can mainly be classified as National and International.

National Arbitration is regulated in Articles 407 and fallowing articles  of the Turkish Law on Legal Procedure, and International Arbitration is regulated in International Arbitration Act. In the arbitration proceedings, which can be concluded in less time compared to the court proceedings, the parties ultimately resolve disputes that they could not resolve through mediation, effectively and unequivokably through the arbitration proceedings, by expert arbitrators.

The Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC), established in our country by the Istanbul Arbitration Center Law No. 6570, is specifically aiming to resolve the international disputes throuh arbitration. ISTAC has signed a protocol of cooperation with many mediation centers in our country. By this way, it is aiming to establish a unique dispute resolution method (Mediation – Arbitration: Med-arb method for short) throughout the country by implementing mediation and arbitration  in a row.

Arbitrationis a method of resolution in which disputes between the parties are resolved by arbitrators, rather than by the official judicial body. Arbitration, which in today’s conditions appears as an alternative dispute resolution method, is also defined as a direct judicial activity.

The parties’ going to arbitration depends on the arbitration agreement they have signed. Although arbitration is considered as a concept of private law in the literature, it was also implemented in Administrative Law with the constitutional amendment made in 1999.

In Turkish legal system, in order for the dispute to be resolved through arbitration, the matter must be convenient to be solved by arbitration. You can get information from our offices about the arbitration application that is bound by certain terms and rules and direct your questions about the process to our team.

As Gordion Mediation Center, we have certified and competent arbitrators who can process arbitration. Our Center has got appropriate technical infrastructure, physical equipment and goal-specific arbitration hall required for arbitration.

In order to benefit from the programs we have prepared for your dispute negotiations, just share your dispute with us. You can get the necessary information from our expert arbitrators and mediators in a short time for both voluntary and mandatory mediation and resolve your disputes in a safe and confitential manner.  Our mediator team serve under the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law. Our assigned mediator will ensure all your personal safety in the process in accordance with all legal requirements.