Gordion Mediation
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As Gordion Mediation Center, with our team of which every each mediator is skillfull, qualified, dynamic, innovative and growth-mindset that constantly monitor the professional developments of the practise;

Within the the borders of mediation defined by the Act Number 6325 define we serve for the resolution of the disputes both national and international and subject to the parties’ free will except the ones in which there are claims of violence in the family.

Disputes arising from employer and employee relations both on demand and as a litigation requirement.

  • Disputes arising in Company law from merger by acquisition, merger, dissolution, hyothec, unfair competition.
  • Disputes arising from export, import, manufacturing, transportation, credit contracts and other comercial transactions.
  • Disputes arising from maritime law.
  • Disputes arising from commercial bills.
  • Disputes arising from acquisition of commercial enterprise, demands and compensations.

Disputes arising from the scope of The Act of Protection of Consumer.

  • Disputes arising from tenders of public buildings.
  • Disputes arising from build-operate-transfer contracts, construction agreement in return for land share, anf FIDIC Contracts.
  • Disputes arising from consortium, Joint-Venture and the relations between contructor & sub-contractor.
  • Disputes arisng from the transactions of cooperatives.

İnternational & national disputes arising from the protection, transportation, distribution and processing of energy and energy sources

Disputes arising from the transactions of Banking and finance institutions and The Act of Capital Market.

Disputes arising from the relations between the sport practitioners, sport clubs, federations and national and international sport organizations.

Disputes arising from Insurance Law.

Disputes arising from Patients’ rights, malpractice, applications of medicine and inoculations and the transactions of private and public health organisations.

Disputes arising from inventions, works of art & literatür, patents, industrial designs, brands, geographical signs.

Disputes arising from the contracts of Defense Industry.

Disputes arising from testaments, disposition mortis causa, contracts of legacy, and opening, sharing and managing of legacy.

Disputes arising from the returning of presents with the end of engagement, compensations of divorce and dissolution of property ownership in the marriage.