Gordion Mediation
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He graduated from Maltepe Military High School in 1990, Ankara University- Faculty of Law in 1994 and appointed as a military judge after completing his internship in 1996.

He worked as a military judge, prosecutor and legal adviser at various courts, attended to various on the job trainings. Besides, he completed law development programme at Defense Institute Of International Legal Studies (DIILS) in Rhode Island- US in 2009 and Human Rights Development Programme from European Council in 2011.

He was selected as a high court member for Military High Administrative Court in 2014 and performed this mission untill he retired  voluntarily in 2018.

In 2003, he gained his MBA degree from Ankara University, Institute of Social Sccience and write his thesis on the subject of Political Participation in Modern State.

After his retirement, he started to work as a lawyer and completed basic mediation programme given by TOBB University in June 2017. As a mediator, he gained his expertise on labor law in February 2020; commercial law and Intellectual properties Law in December 2020.

His second language is English and he is married with two children.