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He was born in Şereflikoçhisar in 1962.  He graduated from Ankara Kurtuluş High School in 1979, and from War Academy in 1983 as an officer. He graduated from Army Staff Academy as a staff officer in 1994. He took education of high level manager from Armed Forces Academy in 1999.

He was promoted to Brigador General in 2008 by the decision of Military High Counsil and retired in 2012 by the decision of same counsil .

He graduated from Anadolu University-College of Justice in 2019.

Education & Serificates:

English Education in 1999.

Education of high level manager in 2009

Computer Education in 2012

Education of Expertise & Conciliator in 2019

Education of Arbitration in 2020

As a work Experience:

Between 1983-2012: He gained experience of high manager at advanced level. Additionaly, he perfomed effective and authorized missions within special forces and he attained expertise on security management while performing these missions.

In 2011, he performed mission of Command of Special Forces Unit in Libya.

Between 2003- 2005, he gained high manager experience by working for one of the public Institutions in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. He also performed important missions for Defense Industry Companies .

Adding the educations that he took after his retirement to the professional experience cited above, he gained the ability of skilfully analysing the disputes and experience for Arbitration and finding solutions in a very short period of time through alternative dispute resolution methods.