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He was born in Arsuz in 1980 and graduated from East Mediterranean University- Faculty of Law in February 2003

He is a certified Mediator registered with the reg. number 394 by Ministry of Justice- Department of Mediation and has been working as a mediator since 2013.

He took education of expertise on commercial mediation (Jan. 2021),education of expertise on consumer law (Feb. 2021), education of expertise on labor law (March 2018), Main education on general mediation (August 2018) and gained expertise on these special branches of mediation.

Other Education Programmes he took.

January 2013  : Education of expertise on consumer law. (Counsil of Consumer- Ankara Bar Ass.)

March 2004    : İntellectual Rights & properties law- National & International Application (Ankara University, Life-long Education Center)

June 2013       : Reconstruction Law-Certificate programme (Ankara Bar Ass. Administration and taxation law council)

Social Responsibility Projects & Voluntary missions that he took on

Turkish presidency of ECPAT Society- Coordination of Coping Net for Sexual & Commercial Abuse of Children

Cooordination of Lawyers net that are working for children rights,

Deputy Manager of Turkish Youth Federation

Manager of Children Rights’ Council-Ankara Bar Ass.

Membership of Council of Children Rights-Turkish Bar Ass.

Membership of Managing Board of the Net for Prevention of Violence againist Children led by UNICEF.

Membership of Administrative Board of Society of ‘Uçan Süpürge’ which is formed to Reject the marriages of young girls.

He also is the mastermind of establishing  the Child Monitoring Centers. He took part in the team that prepared regulatory framework of Judicial meeting rooms and Regulations of Child Monitoring Centers led by Ministry of Health as well. In 2010, he took part in the Science Commission which prepared the draft of Act for helping the victims of Offences ander the coordination of Ministry of Justice.

In 2010 he worked as a member of Assembly Research Commisssion fort he Issues that victimized the children.

He takes part in the Coordination meetings held every each two months as the representative of ÇAÇAV and doing the same task for the meetings held by the Council  that is formed by Sincan District Governer.

Antakyalıoğlu is the founder of The Lawyet Net that is working for Children Rights and ECPAT-Turkey.

He is married with two children and knows English and Arabic.


Co-writer of  ‘Olgularla Çocuk Hukukuna Yaklaşım’  with Prof. Orhan Derman in 2020.

He is also the section writer of the first C-S-I Book-‘Olgularla Adli Tıp&Adli Bilimler’ edited by Prof. Halis Dokgöz with Expert of Forensic Medicine- Dr. Fatmagül Aslan and Manager of AİLEDER &  UKÜ Academician Güngör Çabuk

Chronology of Some Voluntary missions performed by Him.

2019 Academic lecturing at Ufuk University- Children Rights-Summer School.

2019 Educations of Istanbul Contract Isuues and ÇAS under the Coop. Of International Amnesty Org. & ÇAÇAV

2015-2016 METU lecturing academician for children rights.

2014-2021 Hacettepe University- Faculty Of Education-Childrens’ Rights.- Childrens’ Participation.

2017- Lecturing the lawyers who are on Compulsory Lawyer list of Ankara Bar Ass.- on the Children Justice System Issues.

2013- Lecturing & Coordination of More than 50 Bar Ass. on the Children Justice System Issues.

2013- Lecturing the judges, prosecutors and social workers for the Project of  Children Justice System under the Coor. of UNICEF, Ministry of Justice, Minstry of Family, Academy of Justice, And Boards of Judges and Prosecutor,

2010-2011 Lecturing Istanbul Police responsible for the protection of children within the Children Justice System,

2009-2010 lecturing for on-the-job trainings in Ministry of National Education-Education of Inspectors & managers on the ‘Rights of education, int. Standards, methods for accesing rights, Violence at the school and all the legal aspects of it) (Yalova, Mersin, Rize, Erzurum, Van)

2009-2010 Member of Science Commission fort he legal draft of helping the victims of Offences.

2008-2010 The Manager of Children Rights Center and Board- Ankara bar Ass.

2008-2010 Coor. of Project for Methods of accessing the rights and the preparation of instructional guide (Sabancı University)

2008-2010 Participant of education programme of lecturing of lecturers for the judges, prosecutors & lawyers by the partnership of UNICEF, Ministry of Justice, Turkish Bar Ass.

2008-2010 Attorneyship of the victims of human trafficking under the patrnership of IOM and Turkish Bar Ass.

2008-2010 Lecturer – Ministry of National Education on Violence at school & its all legal aspects. Seminars for the teachers of the schools at the disadvantegous districts of Turkey.

2007- Ministry of National Education- On-the-Job trainings.- Abuse  & Neglects of Children at On the Job Institute of Aksaray

2007-Coordinator of the Net of Coping with sexual and commercial abuse of children

2007-2010 Ankara Bar Ass. Represantative for the working urchins under the coordination of Ankara Governance

2007-2012 Deputy Manager of Turkish Youth Federation.

2006- Membership of Managing Board of Ankara Children Rights’ Platform

2006- Ankara Coordinator of  Street League (Project of Social integration of Working Urchins) British Council.