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He graduated from METU (Sociology ) in 1980 and after that from Ankara University-Faculty of Law in 1989. Additionally, he gained his MBA degree from Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences in 2018. Between

1979 – 1982 he worked as a Publisher of Children Publications

1984 – 1989 he worked as a translator for MTA General Management,

1989 – 1989 he worked as a teacher in Ankara,

1996 – 2005 he worked as a general coordinator of Six-point Blinds Education and Culture Center.

1989 – 1992 he was the manager of Six-point Blinds’ Society,

1998 – 2002 & 2015 – 2018, he was the manager of Turkey Blinds Federation,

2007 – 2020 he was the manager of Handicappeds’ Confederation.

2009 – 2014 he was the manager of Six-point Service for Blinds Foundation.

He was rechosen as the manager of Six-point Service for Blinds Foundation and still managing the foundation. He is also the manager of honour counsil of Consumer Rights Society.

He is working as a lawyer since 1989.

He also performed coordination missions in some projects as ‘Coping Advocating and Monitoring the discrimination againist handicappeds’  and ‘Lets get over the obstacles by dialog and active citizenship is our right.Toward Turkey’s Handicapped Counsil’ He has published boks, many articles and researches. Additionally, he joined many seminars regarding the Rights of Handicappeds in many European Countries.

He is expert on Penal law, Administrative law and rights of handicappeds and working as lawyer and legal counsel now. He took main mediation education in 2019, Education of Acount Expert of labor demands in 2019, Education of qualified accounting expertise in 2020 and education of expert mediation on disputes regarding Labor Disputes in 2020.

He is working as a registered mediator and as an expert mediator on disputes regarding labor disputes.

His second language is English.