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Mediation can be defined as parties’ resolving their own disputes- provided that subject of dispute is allowed to be decided by their free  wills- with the help of an impartial and expert third person  rather than by applying to the courts .

The resolution of disputes by mediation method as an alternative dispute resolution which ends the conflict peacefully contributes significantly to social peace.

Objectiveness and effectiveness of mediation has ensured  its acceptability in business life, family life and international issues as a solution method that brings the parties together at the right point. The parties who bring their conflict to the mediator either with their own decisions or with the recommendation of a court have the opportunity to discuss their problems and find the best solution.

Mediation can be practiced in three different ways on the basis of application techniques.  In the facilitative mediation, the mediator does neither direct the parties, nor advise them; Sh/He just facilitates the resolution.  For the evalutive mediation, mediator conveys the consequences of a possible court case by showing the parties what they could not see outside the mediation. The last technique practiced in mediation is transformative: This technique is applied by using transformative elements in disputes where discrimination and oppression exist.

The mediator aims to resolve the disputes between the parties through negotiations. The mediator asks the parties impartial questions so that they can empathize and evaluate their condition. Thus, applicants have the chance to evaluate their possible decisions and can easily determine what to do in the future.

What is discussed during mediation negotiations can not be revealed either by the parties or by the mediator. Interviews are processed based on confidentiality principle.  

Mediation, which plays an important role particularly in disputes arising from lack of communication, has made the solution possible for many disputes. It has also been usefull for the parties to transform their actions toward more cautious, more careful and conscious manner in their professional lives.

Mediation activities, which helps the legally units work faster and more efficiently continue to expand their scope day by day. Helping to solve the disputes worldwide, mediation is also useful in maintainig the social  order.

You can benefit from our services in disputes you experience both in Turkey and abroad and for mandatory mediation as well. You can contact via e-mail, phone or by filling online application form with our expert mediators regarding your dispute and get more detailed information about the the process from them. Your privacy and security are guaranteed from our first meeting to the moment of the decision. 

What Disputes Are Subject To Mediation?

In the Turkish Legal System, it is possible to apply to mediation on demand in all private legal disputes including those with an element of foreignness provided that the subject of dispute is within their free will.  

Benefits of Mediation

Many benefits are provided on a social and commercial basis with the mediation service applied before the trial or dispute. The benefits of mediation in the regular functioning of social relations or before or after commercial disputes have been experienced and listed by legal experts as followings.

Mediation provides effective, fast and easy solutions.

Instead of facing with the long-term trials encountered in the courts, it is possible to find definitive solutions to your dispute through mediation negotiations within much shorter periof of time. The agreement reached through a mediation process definitively resolves the dispute.

Mediation is a much cheaper method of dispute resolution.

Mediation, which requires less labor and expenses than the long-term trial costs is much cheaper as an alternative dispute resolution method compared to other methods of dispute resolution.

Mediation is the most effective way to maintain the reputation.

The resolution of disputes through confidential mediation negotiations instead of trials that are open tu public, contributes to the protection of your trade secrets and reputation.

It is possible to maintain trade relations through mediation.

The parties that resolve their disputes through a peacefull mediation also make it possible to continue their trade relations for the future. 

As Gordion Mediation, We aim to resolve the disputes in a fast, economic and efficient way with our expert mediators who will strictly fallow principles of confidentiality, equality and impartiality.